Following her retirement from a long career with the Ontario Ministry of Health where she worked as a senior manager, back in 2009, Karen began writing character-driven fiction novels. Currently Co Chair of the Canadian Authors Association, Karen was formerly President of the Niagara branch for six years.


Karen’s first self-published novel, Differences Between Us, is a psychological suspense that is available on and Her latest, Celeste Unraveled is a character driven fiction novel that focuses on one stage of adult life, that of retirement and the new challenges one must overcome. Her new book is available on, or through Goodreads. Prior to these two books, she had a short story, Canal of Destiny, published on the Quick Brown Fox blog in 2010. 

Accomplished Canadian Fiction Writer

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Sarah, a single mother with an adolescent daughter, Jasmine, struggles with the conflicts from her own dysfunctional family which causes her to behave in infuriating ways with those she loves. A highly successful corporate lawyer who spends her days in a Toronto office tower surrounded by her peers she has trouble relating to others. Sarah has started to feel the tension from the needs of her daughter who is on the verge of becoming an adult and is seeking more independence. In the meantime, her mother is aging and in failing health needing her more and more for support. Sarah has begun to reminisce about having someone of her own, a male partner. Since most of her time is spent at the law firm, she checks out the available lawyers and chooses Curtis. He is thrilled with the sudden interest Sarah is giving him and they begin a relationship.

Released in September, 2022

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Celeste’s former role as a high-profile nurse manager in a busy urban hospital ends abruptly when restructuring hits, her personally. Like her peers, she has dreamed of retirement as a time for herself, to explore other parts of her personality, but not now. When her husband, Adrian, loses his job and embarks on a new career as a consultant, they leave the city for the sophisticated small town of Niagara-on-the-Lake where they link up with like-minded couples.

Released in December, 2020

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Still Available 

Synopsis –

For Jerome Decarie, life is playing in a jazz band. That’s why he moved to New Orleans. Then he befriends a young black woman, Lara Jackson, who is desperate after the storm of the decade, to find her aunt and uncle who raised her. Intrigued by her good looks and appealing manner, he agrees to accompany her in the search to an old mansion in the Garden District, owned by her uncle’s brother, Phillip.  She’s warned him Phillip’s into drugs and gangs.

Jerome is accepted by the aunt and uncle, Noreen and Henry when he arrives with Lara for the reunion but agrees with her, there’s something strange about Phillip. His life of crime catches up to Phillip and he’s shot by one of the gang members and goes underground. Jerome’s romance with Lara is challenged when she returns to Atlanta to rejoin her choir for some final concerts. Late one night, Phillip follows Jerome home from a visit to Noreen and Henry’s and threatens him. Henry agrees he must deal with Phillip before he plunges all of them into tragedy.

Released on May 1, 2018

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