Stories and Personal Articles

This collection of short stories and articles covers different geographic areas from Toronto, Ontario, and British Columbia in Canada, to Venice, Italy with a range of quirky characters. A young woman exploring Europe for the first time seeks romance, a young man’s search for his father has an unexpected endĀ and two wealthy single women, in their age livingĀ in Montreal, Quebec who become prey for a fraud artist.

Short Stories

  • In Search of Self (June, 2011)

  • New Beginnings (October, 2010)

  • Mountain Escape (October, 2010)

  • Intrigue at Mountain Lake Lodge (September, 2010)

  • Success and the Aftermath (February, 2010)

  • The Canal of Destiny (April 2010) Published in Online Newspaper and included The Canal of Destiny Dec 2005

  • Expectations (May, 2007)


  • The Next Forty Years (February, 2010)

  • The first Week of My Transition (January 2010)

  • Letting Go of Friendship (March, 2007)

  • Lives Lived (Published in The Globe and Mail)