Novel Two – Women’s Fiction

Genre: Women’s Fiction

I’ve been described by many as a storyteller and  I write both Mainstream Fiction and Women’s Fiction. I’m continuing to market these two manuscripts seeking the best possible placement in today’s publishing world.

Celeste Unraveled

Celeste Unraveled at 81,000 words is Upmarket Women’s Fiction suitable for book clubs. Celeste opens her eyes to blue sky and a circle of bare legs and black boots, the noise of a siren in the background. When she tries to move her head, every part of her body hurts. Blood streaks across the bodice of her silk dress, down her arm and over her fingertips. How did she get here and what’s happened to her life?

The novel follows Celeste, a high profile nurse manager in a busy urban hospital after she is left reeling in despair when restructuring hits her personally. Like her peers, she has dreamed of retirement as a time for herself, to explore other parts of her personality, but not now. When her husband, Adrian, loses his job and embarks on a new career, they leave the city for the sophisticated small town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Their new social life includes two like-minded couples who like them are new to the town.