Novel One – Differences Between Us

Genre: Psychological Suspense

Differences Between Us – Available on as of March 1, 2018

My novel, Differences Between Us, is a Psychological Suspense, a story about a mixed race couple who find love while surviving in a city which is still coping with the ruin from a natural disaster.

Arriving at the Royal George Hotel in New Orleans, Jerome Decarie is thrilled to be the newest member of a local band whose Musician Lead heard him play saxophone in Baton Rouge. His excitement is dampened somewhat by knowing he’ll be the only white player. He meets and falls for a young black woman, Lara, who grew up in New Orleans and is now searching for her aunt and uncle, Noreen and Henry, who’ve been substitute parents since her mother went to jail when she was ten. He follows her to an old mansion in the Garden District where they encounter Phillip Devries, brother to Henry and a sinister and threatening figure who involves the family in the world of gangs and drugs. Crime threatens their very existence with only Henry and the two of them to fight for Noreen’s survival.

Will Jerome succeed in freeing his love from a world of danger and will their love survive this threat and blossom in the rival of New Orleans after the flood?

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