Novel One – Differences Between Us

Genre: Psychological Suspense

I’ve been described by many as a storyteller and I write both Mainstream Fiction and Women’s Fiction. Both my novels are character driven with strong settings and focus on relationships. Based on positive feedback received from a number of agents, I’m continued to market these two manuscripts seeking the best possible placement for them in today’s market.

Differences Between Us

My novel, Differences Between Us, at 91,000 words, is Psychological Suspense, a story about a mixed race couple who find love while surviving in a city which is still coping with the ruin from a natural disaster.

For Jerome Decarie, life is playing in a jazz band. That’s why he relocated to New Orleans. But then he befriends a young black woman, Lara Jackson who is desperate, after the storm of the decade, to find the aunt and uncle who raised her.

Intrigued, he agrees to¬†accompany her in the search to an old mansion in the Garden District, owned by her uncle’s brother, Phillip Devries. She’s warned him he’s into drugs and gangs. Jerome is accepted by Noreen and Henry when he arrives with Lara for the reunion but agrees with her, there’s something strange about Phillip.